The Bitter End, NYC. Youth Arts Council's 'Benefit Concert for the Arts', was hosted by Barry Salottolo (pictured standing w Sawyer) and featured Sawyer Fredericks as that of a returning performer enjoying the success of his Season 8 win on NBC's The Voice.


The New York Times published an article that explored Bob Dylan's ties to Greenwich Village and mapped out a number of clubs where he played.

Among them, The Bitter End was one of the few in continuous operation since that time.  Full story: here

the following is an excerpt from the  NYTimes story...

."...Still, years later [...] Dylan found himself back in the Village, this time living alone. He started hanging out at some of his old favorite spots, [...] and found some peace at the Bitter End (147 Bleecker Street), where he played pool, watched bands and sometimes went onstage to perform. “I made sure no one bothered him,” the owner Paul Colby said in “The Greenwich Village Reader.”

"Kris Kristofferson told The Times that the Bitter End was the place “people like me and Bob Dylan didn’t just perform, we came to hang out.” The Bitter End, which opened in 1961, considers itself to be New York’s oldest rock club and built a legendary reputation after showcasing young performers like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor and comedians like Woody Allen and Billy Crystal." 

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