2015_09-26 & 27  This gallery is incomplete: more images will be uploaded shortly. Features the Battle of Lake George, a re-enactment of the engagement between the English and French troops and their respective Native American allies on the shores of Lake George, NY on September 8, 1755.   

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Plan of Fort William Henry and Camp, 1755

[text of legend]

This Fort is erected on a Plain, this is Westward and South West of it: from 250 to 370 Yards of rising ground at (A) is the most convenient for an Enemy to attack it from; but this Distance is more than the last mention’d from the Works. The ground that the Camp stands on is not so high as that of the Garrison except at (B&C) which is rather too far to do any great Mischief besides a wide Swamp between those Places. The Lake Side and this of the Camp are pretty secure from any great Danger & the Enemy will not find it an easy Matter to get Possession of this Ground at (A) to the North West of it, they being obliged to approach this Eminence from the Northward by the Lake, on Account of the Mountain; nor to cross the Swamp to the S.W. Side, without partly the same Inconvenience(ing) being exposed to the Cannon from the Fort.

This Ground here described is bounded to the N.W. and S.E. Sides by high Mountains, and the Valley between is about 2000 yards broad. The Encampment at (D) has a Breastwork raised with Trees & Earth (E.E.) The Columns of regular French Troops and Canadians who attack’d this Camp ? on the 8th September, 1755__F.F. The Route the Indians took to fall upon the Flanks during the Engagement__This Fort is large enough to contain a Garrison of 400, or 500 Men, with convenient Barracks, Two Magazines for Powder (bomb proof) with a large Hospital of the same Strength & Casemates for 200 Men, besides Storehouses for 2500 Barrels of Provisions.__

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Selected Sources

Battle of Lake George, September 8, 1755

Samuel Blodget: Plan of the Battle of Lake George

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