Sandy Neck 2016_01-28 - Raymond MacDonald

2016_01-28   Norman Smith, Director of MA Audubon's Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Snowy Owl Project & Norman Smith Environmental Educations Ctr, Chickatawbut Hill,  along with Jeff Turner, Wildlife Biologist for the US Department of Agriculture, release an adult female Snowy Owl removed from Boston's Logan Airport, at Sandy Neck, Barnstable, MA.

This owl was fitted with a tiny harness holding a lightweight platform-type radio transmitter (PTT) that relays her movements via satellite. The Boise State Raptor Center interprets the data with an Argos Arc-View Program. Once a month, her coordinates are plotted on a GPS map and shared with researchers.  

Nina Z. Coleman, Sandy Neck Park Manager, and staff members Donna Bragg and Sean are also pictured.

For more, see Snowy Owl Projectwith Norman Smith and, see Project SnowStorm, organized by Scott Weidensaul.

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