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Published Work

Ray's work has appeared in the following publications and museums

Nature and Wildlife

• 2018 Sept/Oct John James Audubon Center installation, Mill Grove

• 2018 Sept/Oct Wildlife Professional, feature: "Gotcha"

• 2018 Sustainable Massport Calendar / Jacob Glickel Sustainability Project Manager • 2018 Project SnowStorm video and slide presentation / Scott Weidensaul

• 2018 Snowy Owl Telemetry Project, Blue Hills Trailside Museum

• 2017 "Snowy Owl Invasion", by Sandra Markle, Lerner Publishing Group

• 2016 The Weather Channel, feature: Snowy Owl Century release 

• 2016 Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine, Norman Smith on Snowy Owls

• 2016 The Wildlife Professional, Cover; Norman Smith Snowy Owl release

• 2016 Super Science Scholastic Magazine, Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 issue  “Snowy Owl Surprise”; Owl Invasion. Cover, interior photos

• 2016 Science Spin Magazine, Cover, Snowy Owl, interior photos

• 2016 Raptor Research Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Annual Conference, Cover photo , (selected from 500 entrants)

• 2015 U.S. Department of Agriculture [Article on Snowy Owl trap and release program]

• 2015 Bird Observer Magazine, Feb 2015, Vol. 43, No.1, "The Snowy Owl. Winter of 2013-14" by Norman Smith  

• 2015 Mass Audubon Membership Brochure, Cover

• 2015 Barnstable Patriot, Snowy Owl release on Sandy Neck 

• 2015 The Patriot Ledger, Bald Eagle at Mosswetusset Hummock, [link]

• 2014-16 Mass Audubon, Snowy Owl Project [link]

• 2014-18 Project SnowStorm, Snowy Owl releases

• 2015 Revolutionary War Reenactment, Concord, MA Patriots Day, 2015

• 2015 French & Indian War reenactment at Lake George, NY, Fort McKinley, 2015

Corporate & Non Profit Publications

• The Weather Channel: Snowy Owls (2013-2014)

• US Dept of Agriculture: Advisory on Trap and Release of Snowy Owls (2014)

• MA Audubon: Blue Hills Trailside / Snowy Owl Project (2014)

• MA Audubon: Norman Smith event for the Snowy Owl Project (2014)

• MA Bird: Article by Norman Smith on Snowy Owls (2/2015)

• The Patriot Ledger: Bald Eagle sighting (1/2015)

• Project Snowstorm: Snowy Owl releases (2014)

• Digital Equipment Corporation, DEC Laser 600, 3100 and other

• GTE MSED, Mobile Subscriber Equipment Division, equipment series

• Seal for historic Council Chambers, City of Quincy

• Norman Smith, Sanctuary Director Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Norman Smith Environmental Education Center, Chicatawbut Hill


Award for Excellence,  Enterprise / Fidelity

STC Society for Technical Communications, Excellence

QAA Quincy Art Association, First Place, Second Place

First and Second prize BAA Braintree Art Association,

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